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Teaching and Demonstrations

Robyn regularly teaches at Leicester Print Workshop on their Photoetching, Intro to Print and children's courses. She has worked with schools to realise printing projects and has given demonstrations at Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair.


Printing the EcoGothic: Intaglio Landscapes

Leicester Print Workshop

Tuesday 31st October - Tuesday 5th December 2023
6.00pm - 9.00pm

Over six weeks participants will have the opportunity to work experimentally with the landscape whilst learning multiple different Intaglio techniques. This course will cover the use of traditional hard and soft grounds, solar plate, a la poupée and chine collé to produce multi-layered and exciting prints. Hard and soft grounds are methods of acid resist, used to produce both drawn images and textural marks. Solar plate or photopolymer is an acid free way of reproducing photographs, drawn images and found objects onto printable plates.

This course is great for those already working in intaglio who wish to further develop their ideas and work more experimentally but can also be taken by someone new to printmaking as each technique will be covered thoroughly.

To book a place on this course, follow the link to Leicester Print Workshop. 

Darkling (cover 4 by 3).jpg

Intro to Print

Leicester Print Workshop

Tuesday 5th September - Tuesday 10th October 2023
10.30am - 1.30pm or 6pm - 9pm

This 6 week course allows you to dip your toes into lots of different techniques, perfect for absolute beginners or those looking to find a new way of working! With tutoring from myself and 3 other artists you will have the opportunity to learn screenprinting, monoprinting, lino cutting, drypoint, etching and letterpress. 

To book a place on this course, follow the link to Leicester Print Workshop

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